Colletions: E.A. 1/1 S.V. Autumn/ Winter 2018/19

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Hey guys! This time I would like to familiarise you with a really cool brand from one of my most beloved countries - Croatia! 
E.A. 1/1 S.V. is a Croatian based studio offering products, ideas, and research in a
field of textile and fashion.

In English, 'Artist's Proof”: an impression of a print taken in the
printmaking process in order to see the state of a plate (or stone, or woodblock). A
proof may show an incomplete image, a trial impression, that in modern practice
describes an impression of the finished work identical to the numbered copies.
(1/1) Edition. A number of the piece.
(S.V.) Silvio Vujičić

Autumn/ Winter 2018/19 Menswear Collection consists of seven looks. The
silhouettes are slightly oversized versions of classic Menswear wardrobe pieces such
as overall, shirt, hoodie, raglan coat, double-breasted coat etc. All upper garment
pieces are made from thin cotton poplin fabric usually used for shirts, but in this case,
they are screen printed with enlarged graphic weaving patterns like herringbone,
tweed, and pinstripes. The achieved moiré pattern on a poplin base is then coated
with a waterproof layer so the final upper garment has the similar properties specific
for nylon fabrics.
Wool application with symbols taken from the screen print paste packaging is fused
on top of all layers so each piece is in a way “signed” with the symbols of the process
by which its textile was created. Waterproof poplin baseball caps follow the same
pattern as shirts and coats in the whole collection.

Photo: Ivan Slipcevic
Model: Pavle Matusko

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